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Photography: It’s all about angles…


Koko Taylor: Queen Of The Blues

Koko Taylor 1928-2009 Koko Taylor (Born Cora Wilson) passed away earlier this year following complications in surgery and the music world -and the world generally – lost one of it’s finest voices. She performed right up until a month before her death at the age of 80 at  this year’s Blues Music Awards in Memphis. […]

Japanese Gameshow WIN?

Another baffling nugget from the land of the rising sun… Round 1: The Lady Slide Round 2: How Many Vegetables Can Bikini-clad women stuff down your boxer shorts?    

Helium + Bubble Gum = Fun.

Probably shouldn’t try this at home…  

The new A-Team film is going to be AMAZING…

Oli Lemieux is insanely good at bouncing up and down….

Watch Oli Lemieux (Cirque De Soleil) practice trampolining… He’s pretty good at it isn’t he?  

‘HILARIOUS’ Hidden camera prank from Japan: The Sniper…