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Muppets Christmas.

Putting the grot in grotto…

You can see more here.

Do you remember when christmas was this exciting?

Short Story Sunday: A Christmas Special…

Here are a few festively themed short stories for you, please do comment with recommendations for the future or what you thought of them. Thank you! The Adventure Of The Blue Carbuncle by Arthur Conan Doyle The Gift Of The Magi by O. Henry Markheim by Robert Louis Stevenson The Fir Tree by Hans Christian […]

I finally got it up…

It took a good three hours, involved a LOT of swearing and a fair amount of alcohol, but the Christmas Tree is finally up. Here’s the proof:

Awww… dvent Calendar: 06/12/09

My vote for christmas number 1: Camera Obscura – The Blizzard.

This is gloriously twinkly, you could do a lot worse than download it in time for Christmas.