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Putting the grot in grotto…

You can see more here.

Do you remember when christmas was this exciting?

I finally got it up…

It took a good three hours, involved a LOT of swearing and a fair amount of alcohol, but the Christmas Tree is finally up. Here’s the proof:

Festive Facilities.

Probably the best picture of Nancy Reagan sitting on Mr-T (dressed as Santa)’s knee you’ll see ALL day…

Grinternet: A Snowman Special.

Poorly thought out, hastily put together spotify playlists: Christmas Special.

There is no escaping the fact Santamas is almost upon us, so if you are in a festive mood already or struggling to get there; allow this playlist into your ears (the first 50 are mine, the rest are from Twitterers) feel free to add, or if you don’t have Spotify, comment with a recommendation. […]