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What has he seen?

Grinternet: A things riding tortoises special.

Something. Dog. BBQ Small child. Rooster. Kitten. Another tortoise.

Egghog is not amused…

I want a pet hippo too…

Play Keyboard Dog off… Keyboard Cat.


Via @RatBanjos


Christmas list additions: A video game playing chimp…


Muppets Christmas.

Awww… Of The Day: 07/12/09

All I want for Christmas is you…

Generation Squirrel.

Animal Husbandry: You are doing it wrong.

Click to embiggen.

Water Skiing Elephant…

“I done felled off ma’ slide…”

Things I’d Own If I Won The Lottery: A ‘Puppy Monorail’.

Stalking Cat’s methods revealed…

Remember that cute stalky, ninja cat from Youtube? Well here’s the follow up video. via.

The Great (Panda) Escape.

Watch these two cunning Pandas. One distracts the Zookeeper, whilst the other opens the door. Then they both scarper…

Lion hug?

African lion hugs the lady who saved it (more info here.)

Awwww… Of The Day: 06/11/09

grinternet: A ‘Save The Hedgehog’ Special.

If you are having a bonfire tonight, before you light it; remember to check for hedgehogs and other hibernating wildlife. Hundreds of the adorable buggers are burned to death each year…. Look at them:

Dancing, Tanzen, Danza…

This is a true thing of beauty: Thanks @Animalhouse35