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Poorly thought out, hastily put together spotify playlists: Christmas Special.

There is no escaping the fact Santamas is almost upon us, so if you are in a festive mood already or struggling to get there; allow this playlist into your ears (the first 50 are mine, the rest are from Twitterers) feel free to add, or if you don’t have Spotify, comment with a recommendation. […]

Poorly Thought Out, Hastily Put Together Spotify Playlists…

Not really a theme for this one, hence the title. Just some songs what I like: Mashed together. Hope you enjoy it. Comments, suggestions and requests welcomed. Here be playlist.

Hastily put together, poorly thought out spotify playlists: A Bonfire Night Special.

Continuing the Bonfire night shenanigans, here are a few Guy Fawkes, Bonfire, Firework related songs I lazily threw together, feel free to add your own or mock my apathy in the lickle box below it:   Here be playlist.

Koko Taylor: Queen Of The Blues

Koko Taylor 1928-2009 Koko Taylor (Born Cora Wilson) passed away earlier this year following complications in surgery and the music world -and the world generally – lost one of it’s finest voices. She performed right up until a month before her death at the age of 80 at  this year’s Blues Music Awards in Memphis. […]

Poorly thought out, hastily put together spotify playlists: Make Monday ‘Funday’…

The weather’s grimmer than a John Major chat-up line today, so I started a happy playlist. Feel free to add to the joy, or just give your lugholes a smile and have a listen:   Funday playlist.

Poorly thought out, hastily put together spotify playlists: Hallowe’en Special.

With the help of the lovely popples of Twitter, I created a playlist. It kind of spiralled out of control and it’s HUGE! So, it’s more a repository for creepy, eerie and cool Hallowe’eny songs. Enjoy!   Here be playlist.

Get Well soon Morrissey

Stephen Patrick Morrissey, the certified/certifiable genius and former frontman with The Smiths collapsed onstage in Swindon last night and was rushed to hospital, his condition is said to be stable. (Read more here) I would just like to wish him a very speedy recovery. Below is a hastily compiled Spotify playlist of Mozza and Smiths […]

Get well soon Leonard…

Leonard Cohen collapsed whilst on stage in Spain today, I just wanted to pass on my regards and wish him a speedy recovery. Below are some of my favourite tracks and some lovely cover versions, feel free to add your own. But if I catch anyone putting Bon Jovi’s version of Hallelujah on it, there […]

poorly thought out, hastily put together spotify playlists: 10/09/09

In a bit of a folksy/indie-y mood today, which is reflected in the playlist. Feel free to add, mock, ignore or hopefully just enjoy: Folking Lovely

poorly thought out, hastily put together spotify playlists: 09/09/09

What you gonna play now? Bobby, I don’t know. But whatsever I play, its gotta to be funky: http://j.mp/funkies

poorly thought out, hastily put together spotify playlists: 25/08/09

Tuesday is Bluesday round these parts: http://bit.ly/tuesblues

Poorly thought out, hastily put together Spotify playlists:20/08/09

Feeling mighty Twee today, Spotify still doesn’t have much in the way of good quality Tweecore-indie-pop, so you’ll have to make do with this rubbish: http://bit.ly/tweeasfolk

Poorly thought out, hastily put together Spotify playlists: 15/08/09

Severely hung over today, here are some tracks I can just about handle without crying (apologies in advance for the middle of the roadness): http://bit.ly/RXakk