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Adulthood….. Is shit, it’s full of bills, five a days, job hunting, promotion chasing, milk purchasing fucking tedium and I’ve finally arrived at it and I find myself wholly unprepared and entirely both under and overwhelmed by it. As a child I railed against my lack of responsibility and the level of respect my opinions […]

It’s a t-shirt, not a personality.

Hokay, little bit of admin first: This is not a rant about kids in inappropriate T-Shirts (well not specifically anyway.) nor is it about obese children (although, I AM baffled by them; what did you do? strap it to a chair and drip feed it blancmange for the first 8 years of its ‘life’?) No, […]

Urinal etiquette: The Rules.

Blokes, Men, Chaps, Boys, Dudes, Hermaphrodites of the world; listen up. I hereby declare that we devise a list of hard and fast urinal etiquette guidelines in order to make this most awkward of situations; just that little bit more bearable. Here are mine, feel free to add or amend as you see fit: 1) […]

Challenge 25

‘Challenge 25’ is quite simply the most ludicrous and infuriating corporate initiative I have *EVER* encountered. Now I’ll add a disclaimer to start; I am in no way advocating smoking in any way, shape or form; it is quite possibly the silliest addiction/habit one could possibly have (being addicted to cramming lemon curd up your […]

Rock N’ Roll Star….

Yes; three people who accidentally clicked on this looking for an Oasis video…. Today’s the day I sign on.