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Arty Farty: Jim Hance.

Here are just some of my favourite paintings, that Mr Jim Hance has done with his hands, I really like them. They have a sense of humour and charm and are beautifully crafted. Much like the artist himself, who you should definitely follow on Twitter: @JimJeroo If you want to see more, would like to […]

It’s fun to stay at the…

It’s all a matter of perspective…

A couple of brilliant optical illusions, source unknown… – Click to embiggen –

Super ‘Emo’ Friends…

Buy the prints… here.

Arty Farty: Natasha Klutchenko.

Natasha Klutchenko is a parisian surrealist, whose works I really rather like and I thought you might too: Click to embiggen. Bedtime Story.   The Revenge Of  The Wolves.   The Accusator. Want to see more? Go here.