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Grinternet: (Yet another) Simian Special…

Monkeys eating jelly! Chimps on ice skates! (via @Animalhouse35) Chimps Riverdancing…. WTF? (Again Via @Animalhouse35)

Parenting: You are doing it wrong…

Belgian television… (NSFW)

Grinternet: An ‘Anteaters In Clothes’ Special.

The Indian Beatles

  Cheers Tim.

The 24-Hour Quiz Show

I was just contemplating The National Lottery’s new game show format: ‘Guesstimation’ and wondering quite how many times they’ve changed the name of the shoddy, clumsily tacked on quiz aspect of the show and whether they needed it at all or if anyone actually watches the blumming thing; or if – as I suspect – […]

Amanda Palmer – Leeds United

This is easily the most fantastically elaborate football themed song I have ever heard…