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Alien Autopsy…


The Twilight Books: Abridged.

WARNING. Contains spoilers. Click to enlarge.

Poorly Thought Out, Hastily Put Together Spotify Playlists…

Not really a theme for this one, hence the title. Just some songs what I like: Mashed together. Hope you enjoy it. Comments, suggestions and requests welcomed. Here be playlist.

Close Call…

Extremely lucky, extremely drunk lady falls onto tracks, fortunately nearby passengers manage to catch the driver’s attention and she stops JUST in time.

The Big Knit.

Until today I was hitherto unaware of this campaign, but it made me smile. Innocent (the smoothie popples) and Sainsbury have joined forces to raise money for Age Concern and Help The Aged, if you can knit. Get involved here.

Meet ‘Mr Hair Hat’…

Via  Japan Probe

Chimp + Baby Bulldogs = WIN.