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Transformer Owl…

This is fairly amazing… Creepy, but amazing. Japanese Owl, takes on the form of it’s enemy to evade attack:   Advertisements

Stalking Cat’s methods revealed…

Remember that cute stalky, ninja cat from Youtube? Well here’s the follow up video. via.

The Rocket Launch.

Truly, wonderfully bizarre:

Meet ‘Mr Hair Hat’…

Via  Japan Probe

Chimp + Baby Bulldogs = WIN.

Arty Farty: Thomas Richardson – Haikyo Photographs.

Here are a selection of wonderfully eerie and atmospheric photographs of Haikyo (ruins) in and around Tokyo, by Thomas Richardson. Heinakaku Wedding Hall: Sports World, Izu: Toyo Bowl, Kanagawa: Yamanakako: Queen’s Chateau Brothel: These are just a select few of my favourites, you can see the full sets: in high resolution here.

Japanese Gameshow WIN?

Another baffling nugget from the land of the rising sun… Round 1: The Lady Slide Round 2: How Many Vegetables Can Bikini-clad women stuff down your boxer shorts?