Arty Farty: David Shrigley.

Glaswegian oddball artist. Here are a few of his ‘things’:

Orgy Is Interupted By An Earthquake.

Orgy Is Interrupted By Earthquake.

One Day A Big Wind Will Come...

One Day A Big Wind Will Come…




The Lightswitch.


Like these? Want more? Go here.


7 comments on “Arty Farty: David Shrigley.

  1. Those are ubber-weird…and cool. Especially the third one. Ha! 🙂


  2. That top sketch is hilarious!

  3. Hi:
    So impressive.
    I would be pleased if my students could get the essence of your thoughts.
    I’m an English teacher,happy to start blogging and discover a wonderful space of exchange and creativity.
    keep going.
    My blog is :http://hellochichaoua.wordpress.com


  4. There were many parts, but most amusing was the aerobic aspect of “The Lightswitch.” click!


  5. i feel so vulnerable and exposed just by reading that Notice.

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