A Summer Wasting: Temple Newsam

Week ending 09/08/09:

Hello two people from the internet, it has been a busy and fun 7 or so days up here in T’North.

I have been out, about and around in Yorkshire doing various things ranging from the captivating to the frankly bizarre and disturbing, as is tradition I shall start from the beginning and update this gradually as and when I can.

The English summer being what it is; one must grasp the brief glimpses of sunshine with both hands and it was for this reason two Sundays previous I took off on an afternoon jaunt to Temple Newsam , somewhere I hadn’t visited since I was a child.

Here’s what I (re) discovered:

The grounds at Temple Newsam are gloriously charming and wonderfully ramshackle, by which I mean that no attempt has been made to order them or landscape their winding, hilly and occasionally labyrinthine stretches regimentally (it is much the same as Capability Brown left it) as you get with other such places.

Your visit commences at the somewhat unusual, imaginatively monikered stately home: ‘Temple Newsam house’ (Parking is free Car-fans) that sits overlooking the grounds and adjacent  to the now defunct but attractive stable yards complete with large viewing auditorium – that nowadays doubles up as a playground for young and old alike – which are now home to the usual quaint tearooms/gift shops and optimistic ice-cream vendors selling locally sourced, organic and above all yummy fare.

The natural flow of the land leads you past the small, winsome and functioning ‘Home Farm’; wherein you and/or your sprogs (for a small fee) can gawp at, pet and generally distress a myriad of mooing/clucking/oinking/bleating/honking(Well, they all Honk) beasties.

Beyond that though; lies the real charm of Temple Newsam: sweeping Bronté-esque hills shepherd you toward the first of several lakes by which a lazy, hazy afternoon can be wiled away feeding the ducks and occasional crow. From there you have a few options; if you have green fingers or if you simply just want to go somewhere the more rambunctious children are unlikely to be; there are several exquisitely kept gardens.

If you are feeling a tad more energetic, you can explore some brilliant nature trails (graded by laziness) through the bewitching woodlands that surround the  far-side of the grounds, one of which (the laziest one) I took and along the way; tapped into the part of my brain that still yearns to scale trees, play pooh-sticks and generally ‘dick-about’ up to the Little Temple on the hill (which is unfortunately being renovated at the moment) from which you can take in some splendid views of the house and hopefully encounter some nature.

All in all it was tremendous fun, evoked some wonderful memories from my youth; created some new ones that I am sure shall endure and I recommend it to absolutely anyone with legs, a soul and the ability to smile.

Here are a few pictures I took:

Temple Newsam house, as seen from the Little Temple.

Temple Newsam house, as seen from the Little Temple.

Aforementioned 'Dicking About'

Aforementioned 'Dicking About'


One of many, lakes (posing numpty not a permanent feature)

Some of the glorious woodlands surrounding the grounds.

Some of the glorious woodlands surrounding the grounds.


2 comments on “A Summer Wasting: Temple Newsam

  1. LOVE IT!Wistful pictures should be a must for all blogs!

  2. Fancy bumping into you here!

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