Gareth Aveyard

Here’s a cat pushing a kitten down a loft ladder, Merry Christmas…

Meanwhile, in Japan….


Grinternet: a dogs in shoes special

Oh, and here’s a cat is some shoes, just for good measure…  

Labour Leadership Contest Round-up.

Today’s the day, voting is over. A new, younger and distinctly less jowly phoenix shall rise from the ashes of our last shit-pile government, to lead Labour’s fight back against Clegg and Cameron’s “Coalition of the Peeled Sausage People.” So, let’s have a look at who is in with a shout at the job, a […]

Mercury Music Prize 2010: a round up.

It’s that time of year again, when the dimmest lights of the British music industry battle it out to see who will get to have those irritating little stickers that never fully come off even with boiling water, stuck onto their album covers, which in time will look as sad as that local restaurant that […]

beard of the day: the riddler…

Bike theft experiment.


The Dhallywood version of The Incredible Hulk is well, incredible…

tickle my vagina.

Arsenio Hall v’s The Gay Nation.

Arsenio is confronted about the perceived lack of LGBT guests on his show, he reacts angrily and a little strangely. via.

Shelf stack of the day: The super mario

What has he seen?

‘How To…’ Video of the day.

Darth Schwarzenegger

Meanwhile, in Finland…

The Video Website.

Transformer hands.

kitchen utensil orchestra

“Oh crap, a brick”

Grinternet: A things riding tortoises special.

Something. Dog. BBQ Small child. Rooster. Kitten. Another tortoise.

Monkey magic…

Hambone kneeslap…

Pancake Day, fun for all the family…

The Rhythm Train…

Dick Van Dyke and Chad Smith have made a rap album, for kids. Fair enough….

What’s your wife’s name again?

Let’s Ride…

Colonel Sanders on ‘what’s my line’.


… Now works in the Manchester branch of Boots.

Psycho dog man.

This is a video of a dog, chasing it’s own shadow…


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